A Publisher’s Guide to Tablet Innovation

The tablet market was established one year ago with the introduction of the iPad. No publishing company can say they have discovered the right strategy for serving audiences through this channel. The technology is evolving rapidly and new tablet devices are coming on the market every month. To remain relevant, you have to be able to change course faster than ever.

Recently, we launched The Orange County Register iPad app. The app is just one publisher’s experiment among many others to create a relevant news experience for tablets. I am 100% sure we did not hit the bullseye with the OCR app. Our readers have told us so. And that is great. A runaway hit would have been fantastic, but it was never expected. Rather, the idea all along has been to release the app, ask for feedback, then improve the app accordingly. Quickly.

We have created a framework for innovation to help us do two things: 1) Ensure continuous product development, 2) Set us up for the next breakthrough idea. This framework is specific to the tablet space, but it could easily be adapted for any other industry. Below, I am describing our framework in detail. Continue reading “A Publisher’s Guide to Tablet Innovation”


Mobile Innovation Now

Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Don’t take my words for it. In a recent GE-commissioned survey of 1,000 top execs worldwide, 95% stated that innovation is the “main lever” in economic competitiveness. The only constant for any company is change. “Out-innovate” is the key, as President Obama put it in his State of the Union speech. Continue reading “Mobile Innovation Now”