The Era of the Connected Consumer

I was invited back to my old stomping ground in the High Desert this week to speak about social media. Specifically, how to reach the new breed of Connected Consumers.

Preparing for the presentation, I made it real simple. I basically stole everything from Brian Solis’ great book: The End of Business as Usual. Ok, almost everything. At any rate, you should buy his book.

My presentation covered:

  • Connected Consumers – who are they?
  • The golden triangle of SoLoMo
  • The new purchase decision making process
  • How to acquire and retain customers with SoLoMo

Check out the full presentation on


Wait a minute… Is this the year of mobile?

Yep, she's on a smartphone too. And she's thrilled!

Update 6/15/10: Check out the chart at the bottom.

Marketers, if you are asking this question, chances are you do not own a smartphone (or perhaps you own a Blackberry – the “semi” smartphone). If you are asking this question, chances are you have yet to develop a mobile strategy.

Chances are you are losing. Losing to competitors who have already realized the smartphone is the most intimate and direct route to consumers. Losing to competitors who have realized there is a dramatic shift happening in consumer behavior. Losing to competitors who have noticed that smartphones are with consumers 24/7, and they are being used for browsing, researching, comparison-shopping, purchasing products and much more. On the go, at home, in stores.

I attended Interactive Day down in San Diego earlier this month. Needless to say, the topic of almost all sessions evolved around mobile. I gathered some bullet points from a couple of the speakers (forgive me for not including their research sources). For those of you who get mobile, this is just a reminder. For the rest of you, this is a wake up call. Continue reading “Wait a minute… Is this the year of mobile?”

Next Step For Mobile – Measuring Success

I attended Digiday Mobile in Los Angeles last week. It is interesting to see how fast the mobile industry is moving. The conversations around mobile are getting more and more sophisticated every day. As one panelist Matt Doherty, Associate Media Director at BrandinHand stated, the conversation has shifted from why do mobile to how to do mobile. Continue reading “Next Step For Mobile – Measuring Success”

Mobile Innovation Now

Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage. Don’t take my words for it. In a recent GE-commissioned survey of 1,000 top execs worldwide, 95% stated that innovation is the “main lever” in economic competitiveness. The only constant for any company is change. “Out-innovate” is the key, as President Obama put it in his State of the Union speech. Continue reading “Mobile Innovation Now”