Get the Job with Social Media: How LinkedIn and Other Networks Can Help You Reach Your Career Goals

I was invited back to speak at Cal State San Bernardino this week. The topic: How can you leverage social media to your advantage in today’s competitive job market? I did a similar presentation last year, so I was happy to accept.

The beautiful thing about social media is that it’s evolving constantly. And if you have the finger on the pulse and you’re willing to play the game, then you can turn it to your advantage. Since last year, a new player has entered the field. Welcome to BranchOut, basically LinkedIn on Facebook. BranchOut has seen tremendous growth already; 4 people join every second. That’s 400,000 per week. Currently, there are more than 30M registered users. Still a far cry from LinkedIn, but who knows if and when BranchOut will reach the tipping point. Are you there, ready to seize the opportunity if they do?

In my presentation, I cover:

  • Tips on how to manage your career rather than just searching for a job
  • LinkedIn – basic and advanced features
  • Introduction to BranchOut

Check it out on


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