7 Tips: How brands can succeed with social media

  1. This post is part of Next Issue’s coverage of SXSW Interactive 2012.

    Dave Kerpen, author of the book “Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook (& other social networks)”, gave an inspired talk at SXSW interactive.
    I caught up with Kerpen to get his take on what makes brands successful with social media marketing. And he answered the dreaded question: “What’s the ROI?”
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    4 most important things to be successful with social media marketing – Dave Kerpen at SXSW 2012
    Sat, Mar 10 2012 14:59:34
  3. During his talk, Kerpen laid down the basics and gave the audience 7 tips:
  4. 1. Listening

    Listen and never stop listening! Kerpen told the story about arriving at the Aria in Las Vegas, only to wait for ages to get served. When he tweeted about his frustration, Aria didn’t listen and respond.
    Instead, The Rio did. They tweeted and said: “Sorry you’re having a bad experience Dave, hope
    the rest of your time in Vegas goes well.” No hard sell, just encouragement. On his next trip to Vegas, guess where Kerpen stayed? And guess how many friends he told about the experience?
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    Great shoes and great talk from @davekerpen #likeable #sxsw http://instagr.am/p/IAEidyoox6/
    Sat, Mar 10 2012 12:57:55
  6. 2. Responsiveness is not a choice

    With social media all customers now have a voice. And that’s a challenge for marketers, because they need resources to respond. The good news is when you do respond, you show the whole world you care. Respond to everything. Convert the most irate complainers into super fans. Biggest take away: the blurring of lines between customer service and marketing.

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    “@LikeableMedia: “Customer service IS marketing.” – @DaveKerpen #sxsw #likeable”
    Sat, Mar 10 2012 13:36:59
  8. 3. Provide value (yes, for free)

    What can you give away to endear your customers? At
    Likeable, they share valuable content and no promotional stuff. And they get inbound
    leads as a result every week. In many cases, they didn’t do a thing
    to get a sale, yet they did a lot of free work.

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    “Provide value. And for free. 5% off is not value, it’s marketing.” – @DaveKerpen #sxsw #likeable
    Sat, Mar 10 2012 12:43:02
  10. 4. Share stories (they’re your social currency)Facebook’s new timeline makes this so much easier. Every tweet, every post is a chance to tell a story.
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    Step 4. Share stories, they are your social currency. Before brands were limited to costly 30sec spots. #likeable #SXSWi
    Fri, Mar 09 2012 21:13:42
  12. 5. Inspire others to share stories

    Kerpen explained that even better, when you can inspire your customers to share stories. He gave the example of a Facebook page set up by Delynne Bock to celebrate McDonalds employee Mary Moss.
  13. 6. Target smarter

    We are now able to deliver nano-targeting. Biggest sound bite to come out of the session:

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    “You know what’s cooler than reaching 850 million people on Facebook? Reaching 850 who matter most to you.” – @DaveKerpen #sxsw #Likeable
    Sat, Mar 10 2012 12:50:37
  15. 7. Consistently deliver excitement, surprise, & delight.

    The rewards are so much greater with social media, because the world is watching. And spreading.

    Kerpen told the story about how he helped Cumberland Farms increase followers (and sales) for their Chill Zone slurpee Facebook page. Having having reached 30,000 fans organically, they told their fans, they would all get a free Chill Zone, if they could reach 50,000 fans in three weeks.

    The results were impressive, within weeks, they had reached more than 100,000 fans, gave away free slurpees for everyone and increased sales by 50%.

  16. Check out Kerpen’s book here:

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