Must have apps for kids

A couple of weeks ago, I presented my must have apps. Now it’s my son’s turn. It’s only fair; he uses my iPad just as much as I do. Actually, he went somewhat viral at a young age based on this video (read the article here: PC World):

Viggo is now three and a half years old. We sit down every evening to pick out a book app to read. Here are his favorites. Please leave a comment and let me know which new apps we should pick up:

Below you will find descriptions and download links. The apps are sorted from most interactive to least. Each app passes my test for easy navigation that doesn’t interrupt the story:

Jack & The Beanstalk, $3.99. This is Viggo’s favorite book bar none. Created by Ayars Animation, this book is filled with animations and interactivity, but not so much that it takes away from the story (unlike the other book that’s created by ayars). Download. 

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, $4.99. Moonbot Studios’ first interactive iPad book is an absolute pleasure to read and interact with- for the parent as well. But here’s what’s really cool about Mr. Morris. In addition to the app, you can also download the short animated film of the same name. I’m crossing my fingers it will win an Oscar tonight (update: Moonbot won. Congratulations!). Download app. Download film.

Numberlys, $5.99. The second app from Monboot also makes Viggo’s list. Numberlys tells the story of the origin of the alphabet. Throughout the book, Viggo and I have to help create each letter. Highly original and entertaining. Download.

Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue, $4.99. Viggo loves trains so he would love this book no matter what. But it so happens that the app is created by Callaway Digital Arts, and honestly, all their apps are great. Like most Callaway apps, it comes with a book, a video, painting, and puzzles. Download.

Miss Spider’s Tea Party, free for a limited time. Another Callaway app with a great story and just as much great interactivity. Download.

Green Eggs and Ham – Dr. Seuss, $2.99. You can’t go wrong with any of Dr. Seuss’ books. Viggo can tap anything on the page and the app will read back to him what he tapped on. Besides of that, there are no other interactive elements, so the focus is on the story only. Download.

Cars 2 Storybook Deluxe, $5.99. Of course Disney is represented as well. Cars is just one of the many Disney apps Viggo has on the iPad. In addition to the story, Viggo can play games, paint and solve puzzles. Download.

Food Fight! $3.99. This is a quirky and fun original story with some interactivity. Viggo just loves it. It has to do with sausages and brussel sprouts. I guess you just have to read it to understand. Download.

The Monster at the End of This Book…starring Grover! $3.99. Yet another Callaway app. Narrated by Grover, he tries to keep Viggo from advancing in the book. It’s highly entertaining. There’s a sequel starring Elmo as well. Download 1. Download 2.

Finding Nemo: My Puzzle Book, $0.99. This is a breeze of a story. Instead of a lot of words, as you advance in the book, you have to solve puzzles. Download.

Violet, $2.99. Book one in an original series created by My Black Dog Books. Violet turns into Phantom Girl and mysterious things happen. Download.

Nighty Night! $1.99. This is not really a book. It’s more of a short bedtime app. Viggo helps turn off the light for all the farm animals, and when he’s done, he knows it’s bedtime. Brilliant! Download.

The Curious Adventures of Pickle Bob, $0.99. Although this app hasn’t been updated by the developer since middle of 2010, it still holds up. It’s a funny and original story. There’s no interactive elements in this app, only sounds in the background to help set the mood. Download.

Melvin Says There’s Monsters. $1.99. Here’s another app that hasn’t been updated since 2010, and because of this there are minor glitches here and there. It doesn’t keep Viggo from coming back again and again though. The story is just cool and I enjoy reading it. Download.

MeeGenius! Kid’s Books, free. This is a library of over 300 books, several of them free. There’s no interactivity at all, and that’s a blessing. I always pull MeeGenius out, when I want Viggo to settle down. Download.

Toca Doctor, $1.99. Toca Boca creates games for kids, which gives me peace and keeps Viggo entertained for quite awhile. This app basically lets Viggo play doctor with simple puzzles and games. Download.

PBS KIDS Video, free. This app let’s you watch videos from any of PBS KIDS television series, and again, gives daddy peace and quiet. Download.

I only read to Viggo in Danish. For all the English speaking apps, I translate real-time. So, it’s nice to see that there finally are a couple of great Danish apps on the market. Here are three:

Rasmus Klump, free. Includes puzzles, painting and sample videos and books. You can buy all the books and videos in a bundle. Download.

Troldeliv, free. An original series of books you can purchase in-app. Narrated by Ellen Hillingsø. Download.

H.C. Andersens Eventyr, free. I cannot raise Viggo as a Dane without exposing him to the greatest children book author ever. This app lets you purchase single videos or books, but just buy the whole bundle and be done with it. Hours of entertainment. Download.

What did I miss? Let me know which children apps Viggo and I should explore next.


2 thoughts on “Must have apps for kids

  1. hey claus, we have a few favorites in your list. our munchkin is 2.5 and he is a wizard at touch interfaces! love it. best, mark!

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