Top 30 Sessions to Vote for at SXSW 2012

There are 3,273 panel ideas in the Panel Picker for SXSW 2012. Some of them are duds; others look pretty darn cool. But flipping through all those ideas to find your favorites is a chore. To help you along the way, here are my favorites in the genres of marketing, mobile, tablet, social media and emerging technologies. Also sprinkled in a couple of wacky ones that you don’t want to miss. Good session titles certainly helped lure me in!  The deadline for voting is Friday September 2.

I also included a shameless plug for my own submissions on behalf of Next Issue – they are all tablet related. Please leave a comment at the bottom and let me know which sessions you are excited about.

Emerging technology

 Innovation & Emerging Trends for 2012 (Solo)

Tech Trends 2012: The Inevitably of Convergence (Panel)

From Leather to Smartphone: The Wallet Evolves (Panel)

Computation and Its Impact on the Future (Solo)

Juice Without Wires: The Future of Wireless Power (Dual)

Journalism (from my previous employer Freedom Communications)

Can Newspapers Appeal to a Younger Audience (Panel)

How Are Newsrooms Evolving in the Age of iPad? (Panel)

Market Research

Using Smartphones to Reveal Human Truths (Solo)

Digital Impact: Smart Marketing in New Territory (Solo)

Method Concepting (Panel)


Brands as Patterns (Panel)

Marketing vs. IT: How to End the Bloodsheed (Dual)

The HTML5 Advertising Revolution (Solo)

Banner is Dead: How Brands Can Innovate Online (Panel)

Music (my passion)

Can social music save the music industry? (Panel)

Conquering Mobile Music: Next Generation of Music (Solo) the Future of Music is Social (Panel)

Mobile Marketing

Mobilize Your Marketing From the Inside Out (Solo)

Marketing in a World Gone Mobile (Solo)

Social Media

Measuring Klout with Distributed Computing (Workshop)

Against the wall: Converse takes street art social (Panel)

How to measure value in social media campaigns (Core Conversation)

The Secrets To Successful Blogging (Solo)

Tablet (from Next Issue)

Digital vs. Print: Storyboard to Digital Delivery (Panel)

iOS Alternatives: Where to Spend Developer Dollars (Dual)

Two Years Later: Content Evolution for the Tablet (Panel)

The Tablet: Rebirth of the Publishing Industry (Future15)

Why Publishers Banned Together around the Tablet (Solo)


Meet the Funny Cats (Core Conversation)



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