Wait a minute… Is this the year of mobile?

Yep, she's on a smartphone too. And she's thrilled!

Update 6/15/10: Check out the chart at the bottom.

Marketers, if you are asking this question, chances are you do not own a smartphone (or perhaps you own a Blackberry – the “semi” smartphone). If you are asking this question, chances are you have yet to develop a mobile strategy.

Chances are you are losing. Losing to competitors who have already realized the smartphone is the most intimate and direct route to consumers. Losing to competitors who have realized there is a dramatic shift happening in consumer behavior. Losing to competitors who have noticed that smartphones are with consumers 24/7, and they are being used for browsing, researching, comparison-shopping, purchasing products and much more. On the go, at home, in stores.

I attended Interactive Day down in San Diego earlier this month. Needless to say, the topic of almost all sessions evolved around mobile. I gathered some bullet points from a couple of the speakers (forgive me for not including their research sources). For those of you who get mobile, this is just a reminder. For the rest of you, this is a wake up call.

Dan Flanegan, Brand Anywhere:

  • Mobile data usage surpassed voice usage in 2009
  • There were more smartphones sold than PCs in Q4 of 2010
  • 88% of client side marketers say they will use mobile marketing in 2011
  • 75% say they will increase mobile spending
  • “It’s not about mobile technology, it’s about consumers who are mobile.” (my favorite quote)
  • How should we think about mobile: “It will become the first consideration.”

 Sam Sebastian, Google:

  • 74% of users purchased something due to using a smartphone
  • 79% of users use their smartphone as a research tool
  • 20% of searches on Black Friday were from a mobile device, on any given day it’s around 15% and growing rapidly
  • In two-three years there will be more searches from a mobile device than from desktop
  • Shockingly only 21% of Google’s top advertisers have a mobile-optimized Website while there currently are 91M mobile users
  • Google recommends that you create separate mobile optimized search campaigns
  • Google is placing a huge bet on NFC, it will change everything (check out this article from TechCrunch)

 Kari Allen, Groupon:

  • 12M downloads of the Groupon app so far (download here)
  • Groupon has already launched MobileNow in select markets and will expand dramatically in 2011 (To check it out, open the Groupon app, and then set the location to Chicago. You will see immediately why this is such a powerful product)
  • Groupon is at the intersection of Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo)
  • Groupon expects mobile revenue to double by end of this year

Chew on these bullet points for a moment. Memorize them. Make them your talking points. Then go make it happen!

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Update 6/15/10: Check out this chart from investment bank Rutberg & Co. as reported by PaidContent. It tells the story well.

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