Deloitte’s technology predictions for 2011: Tablets will rule

This week Deloitte released their 10th edition of predictions for technology, media and telecommunications. A big focus is given to tablet computers (surprise surprise).

PCs are dead (or at least losing ground)

Deloitte predicts that more than 50 percent of computing devices will not be PCs. Instead, they will be smartphones, tablets and non-PC netbooks. I believe that. The iPad was released in April, and according to Infinite Research at the end of 2010, 16.1 million tablets had shipped. Tablets will ship at a 56% CAGR over the next 5 years and reach 147.2 million tablets shipped in 2015. Talk about a disruptive innovation!

Smartphone/tablet infrastructure remains fragmented

Deloitte predicts the smartphone/tablet infrastructure will remain fragmented and no operating system will become standard in 2011. The lack of a single platform makes it challenging for media companies like Freedom Communications. Which operating systems should we focus on in order to attract the biggest audience? Should we develop apps or focus on web? The reality is we  need to stay platform agnostic and support as many channels as possible with products optimized for each. We need to be ready to invest in product development and IT, in order to stay relevant to our audiences.

Tablets as enterprise devices

So far, tablets have primarily been used as personal media devices. The devices are great for media consumption. Primarily in the evenings, users “lean-back” and surf the web, check their emails, read books, magazines and news and play games, all in the comfort of their homes.

Deloitte predicts that in 2011 the usage pattern will expand from entertainment to corporate. More than 10 million tablets will be purchased by enterprises in 2011. I’ll buy that prediction too. At Freedom Communications, we have already handed out iPads to many of our sales associates. They are primarily using them for sales presentations in the field. Others have given up on paper completely and use their iPad and smartphone for note taking, time management, research, and emails. We also use iPads for field surveys, and some of our reporters (as described by Ian Hamilton here) have taken the extra step to report directly from their iPads.

Download report

Download the full Deloitte predictions report and read about television as a “super media”, how social network advertising will only capture 1% of worldwide advertising revenues, the rise of Wi-Fi, and much more.


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